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Awards of the UB Board of Trustees and the FBG: Ten years fostering knowledge transfer

The Awards of the Board of Trustees of the University of Barcelona (UB) and Bosch i Gimpera Foundation (FBG) –based at the Barcelona Science Park (PCB)– celebrate their tenth edition. These prizes are awarded in two categories: the Antoni Caparrós Prize for the best knowledge transfer project, and the Senén Vilaró Prize for the best innovative company which, since its creation in 2008, has recognized eight companies based at PCB: Meteosim, Biocontrol Technologies, Intelligent Pharma, Enantia, Neurotec Pharma, Infinitec Assets, Endor Technologies and Minoryx Therapeutics.


The Antoni Caparrós Prize for the best project in knowledge, technology, and innovation transfer, and the Senén Vilaró Prize for the best innovative company developed by a UB graduate or linked to the UB Group aim to promote the return to society of the knowledge acquired through study and research, to stress the importance of technology, knowledge, and innovation transfer projects, and to foster the creation of innovative companies and entrepreneurial culture within the UB Group.

The tenth edition of these awards, with a renewed image, is already open in the two categories. The deadline for submission of applications is 31 May.

•The terms of the contest and the application forms can be found at: