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Dr Gisela Lorente (CSO), Dr Oscar Martinez-Tirado (President) and Dr Gonzalo Fernández-Miranda (COO) at Aptadel (Foto: PCB).

Aptadel Therapeutics settles in the Barcelona Science Park and raises $2.1M in Seed Financing Round

Aptadel Therapeutics, a pre-clinical biomedical company focused on developing a RNA-based platform of targeted therapy delivery to treat cancer, announces the closing of a $2.1M in seed financing. As part of its expansion strategy, the company has also just established its headquarters at the Barcelona Science Park.

Aptadel Therapeutics, founded by Dr Oscar Martinez-Tirado of the Bellvitge Biomedical Research Institute (IDIBELL), initially develops novel treatments to target pediatric translocation associated sarcomas. The platform uses a specific aptamer against a key target in many types of tumors to deliver different therapeutic agents.

The company is co-founded by IDIBELL who has provided the main technology related to the project. Dr Martinez-Tirado has 25 years of experience in biomedical research, twenty of them in the area of cancer. Alongside him, another of the driving forces behind Aptadel Therapeutics is Dr. Gisela Lorente, as scientific director. Aptadel Therapeutics is also co-founded by Fundación Alba Pérez who brings a strong syndicate of private investors that validate Aptadel’s approach to develop novel therapies with the potential to treat multiples types of cancer but focusing on Ewing Sarcoma.

This round will allow Aptadel Therapeutics to move its lead candidate for Ewing Sarcoma to IND-enabling studies in 2022 and to complete discovery validation in a variety of tumor types.

According to Dr Oscar Martinez-Tirado, President and co-founder of Aptadel Therapeutics: “This is a great opportunity to translate our academic knowledge to the clinical practice, not only for pediatric cancer but for a great variety of aggressive tumors. Establishing our headquarters in the Barcelona Science Park accelerates our business project in a ecosystem focused on biomedical sciences. Moreover, synergies with biotechnology start-ups and research groups, from both academic and industrial organizations would help us to grow as a biotech company”.

Rafael Pérez, founder of Fundación Alba Pérez, comments: “We are fully engaged in this project. Fundación Alba Pérez has provided key funding assistance for Aptadel Therapeutics. We are honored to help them as co-founders”.

Dr Marc Ramis-Castelltort, partner at Chasing Science and board member of Aptadel Therapeutics, states: “We have built Aptadel to translate these exciting breakthroughs from Oscar’s research group into precision-based therapies that will help patients suffering from Ewing’s Sarcoma and other cancers”.