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Luisa Sugisawa, head of Business Development, and Richard Joye, co-founder and managing director of SeriTech Europe (Photo: PCB).

SeriTech opens new R&D center in PCB to boost product development based on a micro-vector patch technology

SeriTech will soon inaugurate its headquarters and new R&D facility in the Barcelona Science Park with the aim of implementing an ambitious program to accelerate the development of medicinal applications of silk proteins and the introduction of an innovative method for effective delivery of active ingredients in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic markets. The company also plans to implement this technology, based on innovative microneedling patches, for the delivery of vaccines against COVID-19, amongst others.

SeriTech is developing medicinal products using an innovative fast-detaching and dissolving micro-vector method, that could deliver medicinal and cosmetic ingredients effectively, representing an important breakthrough and addressing the challenges and limitations of the usual delivery methods.

Simultaneously, the company is developing a scalable process to upcycle silk waste and extract natural silk proteins, recognized for biomedical, therapeutic, and cosmetic uses. Out of Barcelona, SeriTech, who will soon announce new hires with strong medical and scientific background, will unveil its program for the use of silk proteins in cardiovascular surgery.

SeriTech is also adding the last steps towards the launch of IPSYLON, a line of ultra-effective skincare leveraging the same technology to directly deliver ingredients to the target spot. It is the only brand with such concept that offers a 2-minute application.

“IPSYLON is a clear example of our mission: to create useful products that deliver results effectively, efficiently, and easily, that are aligned with the values and needs of today’s society. On the other hand, using micro-vectors to deliver serums and vaccines equitably globally is definitely another of our important goals”, explains Saimai Cunvong, co-founder of de SeriTech and IPSYLON.

Vaccine patches for Covid-19

In the context of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, complex cold chain requirements facing new vaccines will challenge and limit delivery on multiple logistical levels and a new solution is required.

On this matter, Richard Joye, co-founder and managing director (EU) of SeriTech, notes: “our company also aspires to develop vaccine transfer using this technology and create the world’s first safe, equitable and economic vaccine patches to benefit all humanity”.

Series A Round

SeriTech is looking to raise up to €3M in a Series A round, after successfully closing a pre-financing phase at the end of 2020. The capital raised will allow the company to complete the next steps of R&D activities and accelerate the introduction of its microvector patch technology in pharmaceutical and cosmetic markets. The company has also planned to increase its professional team in the Barcelona Science Park to intensify its response capacity in the scientific and business development fields.