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he concept that she wanted to explore with this piece explains Anna Taratiel- is the theme of scientific research as an uncertain and labyrinth path. (Photo: Daniel Portales, PCB).

Anna Taratiel explores the relationship between art and science through her art work at the Barcelona Science Park

Anna Taratiel, one of the leading representatives of the global movement of the street art, has finished the work at the  Barcelona Science Park (PCB) that was started last October. It is a large dimensions mural covering the walls of the central aisle –measuring over 80 meters in length and that connects the Cluster I and Cluster II PCB buildings, where many laboratories of the different centers, companies and research institutes installed in the park converge.



The work made by Taratiel at the Park blends geometric shapes characterized by high visual impact, composition depuration and chromatic saturation, three constants of this artist´s work, as pointed out by the artistic commissar Alex Brahim, for whom Taratiel expression patterns are “highly personal, easily recognizable and impregnated by influences such as design, popular culture, urban flair or consumption”.

“The concept that I wanted to explore with this piece explains Anna Taratiel- is the theme of scientific research as an uncertain and labyrinth path”. From one end to the other of this inside passage linking the Cluster I and Cluster II buildings, the painting “interacts” with the space, playing with two or three dimensions, and incorporating to the work architectural elements and signaling, offering unusual views.

“What we wanted when we commissioned the work was, using total artistic freedom, Anna´s creation endowed this space with a unique personality that incorporated values such as dynamism, creativity, rigor, vitality … Values that are specific to the research community, entrepreneurs and professionals working at the park. We think that the objective has been achieved by far” says Adela Farré, director of Communications, Marketing and Promotion of the PCB.

To complete her artistic work, Anna Taratiel has counted on the collaboration of Luz Rodriguez Baquero, Ricardo Salgueiro López and Joan Serra Balcells, students at the Llotja Advanced School of Art and Design (Escola Superior de Disseny i d’Arts Llotja or ESDA Llotja).

The daring and avant-garde creation by Anna Taratiel is the second initiative through which the Barcelona Science Park aims to promote interaction between science and art. ‘El Jardí del Parc’ was inaugurated in June 2014. It is a leisure space for the PCB Community to enjoy, where, painter Nuria Mora created another piece of art, a plastic proposal that works with the geometry of space and its furniture, combining the simplicity of abstract forms and flat volumes with a palette of handmade colors that the artist made herself.


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