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Advancell launches its expansion into North America

By 17 de February de 2009November 18th, 2020No Comments
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Advancell launches its expansion into North America

Biotech firm , leader in nano-medicine research and in cellular methods for in-vitro research, has signed an agreement with ADMEcell for the manufacturing and sales development of its CacoReadyTM products in the US and Canadian markets.

With this agreement, the Spanish biotechnology firm, headquartered in the Parc Cientific de Barcelona and with additional research centres in Barcelona, Valencia and Santiago de Compostela, launches its sales drive into the North American market with clear intentions for sales development of other products. Annual sales turnover is forecast to be 1.5m US dollars, once the product is successfully introduced.

The agreement allows for Advancell to cede its innovative technology to ADMEcell who will manufacture and sell the reagent in the North American market. This firm is based in San Francisco Bay Area and was founded in 2008 by Sandy Koshkin and Matt Pourfarzaneh – two entrepreneurs with more than twenty years of experience in the reagent field.

CacoReadyTM, has already been evaluated in USA by a number of pharmaceutical companies. Developed by Advancell CacoReadyTM is designed as a tool to optimize time and costs in the evaluation process of intestinal absorption of compounds. It employs a proprietary technology based on a unique transportation method for ready-to-use live cells. This is achieved using a semi-solid medium offering multiple benefits over transport in liquid form, where the cell quality deteriorates, and also over the more traditional but complicated and expensive transport method of frozen cells, used by the majority of biotechnology firms.

European sales turnover in 2008 for CacoReadyTM reached 650,000€ and is forecasted to be over 720,000€ in 2009. Main exports are to UK and Germany, in addition to France, Holland, Belgium, Italy, Denmark, Finland and Slovenia.

Advancell is a biotechnology company with unique proprietary technology and continual innovation specialised in the field of unresolved needs in health and wellbeing, through the application of efficient value-added products and services. The firm grows via discoveries in the academic environment to improve, develop and to later capitalize in the market.

The company has three divisions: Advancell Therapeutics, which concentrates its activity in development, through to clinical concept testing of innovative pharmaceuticals in the search for new applications for known molecules; Advancell Alternative Testing, which uses in-vitro methods to predict efficacy, safety, and mechanism of action of new molecules in development, and Advancell Nanosystems, which uses nano-medicine to treat and prevent illnesses.