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22nd Blood Donation Day at the Barcelona Science Park

A total of 52 persons participated in the 22nd Blood Donation Day held on November 15 at the Barcelona Science Park. Of these participants, 4 were new donors and four people who offered to donate their blood could not do so, leaving a final total number of 48 donations. The donation campaign was organized by the Banc de Sang i Teixits (Blood and Tissue Bank / BST) and blood extractions were performed at the mobile unit that will be set up in front of the Clúster I building. 


Every day, between 800 and 1,000 blood donations are needed at hospitals and clinics in Catalonia in order to ensure quality medical treatment. The majority of surgeries, organ transplants and cancer treatments that are performed each day require blood transfusions. But even with all our scientific advances, the only way to obtain blood is through selfless donations. 

In Catalonia the Banc de Sang i Teixits is the public company of the Ministry of Health responsible for managing and administering donations, analyses and  transfusions of blood, plasma and blood products. To carry out these tasks, it relies on a network of blood collection  which includes 16 fixed centres located in major hospitals of the Catalan healthcare regions.

BST also developes independent research projects and work on others in cooperation with every centre pertaining to the Catalan Health Institute, with the majority of centres in the Network of Public-Access Hospitals and with Catalan universities, and we also pursue strategic alliances with research centres around the world.

For further information: BST website [+]