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The winners of the award have participated in several workshops of the program of dissemination of science Research in Society (Photo: Barcelona Science Park).

Winners of the Exporecerca Young Award visit the PCB

This week the winners of the awards presented by the Barcelona Science Park (PCB) within the framework of the celebration of the XVIII edition of Exporecerca Young have visited several installations, services and laboratories of the park and have also participated in different workshops as part of the outreach science program Research in Society.


This year, the winners of the PCB´s awards within the framework of the celebration of the Exporerca Young, on April 6, 7 and 8, were: Mar Fillat, from the Samuel Gili i Gaya Institute (Lleida), for the work Neural Polarization: on the orders of microtubules; Queralt Portell de Montserrat, from the Manuel Carrasco Institute i  Formiguera (Barcelona), for the work Study of the change of the halomass in galaxies depending on their proximity to filaments in the universe; and Illiane Guillot Vidal, from the Hamelin Laie International School (Montgat, Barcelona), for the work Immunological Diagnosis by means of intraepithelial lymphocytes in celiac disease.

PCB also awarded a second prize to Marina Estévez García, from the Colegi Santa Teresa Ganduxer (Barcelona), for the work Study of the effects of the decoration of mandals on the attention and psychological in patients affected by attention deficit disorder and/or hyperactivity (ADHD).

The winners have had the opportunity to visit the Parc Científic de Barcelona and to become familiar with the different laboratories led by the scientists who work in them, such as the Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology Molecular at the Institute for Biomedical Research  (IRB Barcelona), and the Electronic Cryo-Microscopy at the Science and Technology Centers of the University of Barcelona.   (CCiTUB). 

The young students have also taken part in experimental workshops of the Research in Society program: Analyse DNA and investigate the author of a crime!, in which they have examined DNA samples by electrophoresis, separation technique that is used in laboratories around the world, and building proteins, in which they have gained further knowledge on the process of peptide synthesis and the research work currently underway on these potential drugs for the treatment of diseases such as cancer, AIDS or neurodegenerative disorders.

Young scientific talents

Exporecerca Young is a showcase of international research projects to promote the exchange of experiences and knowledge among young people aged between 12 and 30 years. The exhibition is driven and organized by MAGMAAssociation for Promoting Young Researchers, a Catalan non-profit youth organization that is integrated within the international federation MILSET.

During the three days of the event, a jury accredited from various academic and professional fields evaluates the works presented and on the last day presents the winners with the Exporecerca Young awards, which basically consist in the participation of the authors in internationally renowned events. 

Within the framework of the celebration of the Exporerca Young awards summon other entities –including the Barcelona Science Park– directed exclusively to participants in the fair and evaluated and awarded by a jury itself, which are also delivered during the closing ceremony of Exporecerca .