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Maria Terrades, PCB's CEO, with Pere Aragonès and Jordi Naval (Photo: PCB).

Vice-president Pere Aragonès meets with stakeholders, companies and investors in the healthcare and life sciences sector

Vice-president of the Government of Catalonia Pere Aragonès and Director General for Research and Innovation in Health Robert Fabregat visited the Barcelona Science Park (PCB) yesterday, where they met with Biocat, CataloniaBio & HealthTech, start-ups and investors to learn about the healthcare and life sciences sector’s potential as a driving force for Catalan innovation and competitiveness after the Covid-19 pandemic.


The PCB was represented by CEO Maria Terrades and Biocat, by its CEO, Jordi Naval. Representing CataloniaBioHT at the event were Judit Anido, president of the association and general manager of Mosaic Biomedicals; Jaume Amat, first vice-president of the association and CEO of Specipig; Montserrat Vendrell, board member and managing partner at Alta Life Sciences; and Isabel Amat, board member and Director of Innovation and Pipeline Management at ReigJofre.

During the Covid-19 crisis, the sector has proven to be innovative, flexible and able to adapt totackle future healthcare crises, which will only increase in this globalised world.

While in recent years the healthcare and life sciences sector in Catalonia has shown sustained growth in the number of new companies and in both national and international investment (over €100 million a year), Covid-19 has brought to light the need to further strengthen it so that the science of excellence carried out at research centres and hospitals can be transferred to create real solutions to improve patients’ health and wellbeing (drugs, vaccines, diagnostics, medical equipment and technology, digital health, etc.).

► For further information: CataloniaBioHT website [+]