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UTOX takes part in the «COPONAMRI» consortium to develop magnetic nanoparticles for biomedical applications

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Image © Parc Científic de Barcelona

UTOX takes part in the «COPONAMRI» consortium to develop magnetic nanoparticles for biomedical applications

The at the Barcelona Science Park, managed by Michael Borras, is one of three partners of the European consortium that will implement the "COPONAMRI" project, the aim of which is to develop a new generation of magnetic nanoparticles for biomedical applications. The initiative has a budget of € 120,000 and is funded by the European Union (within the framework of the call ERA.Net RUS - Pilot Joint Call for Collaborative S & T Projects). The initiative also includes the participation of the , led by Yannick Guari, project coordinator; and the , led by Alexander Trifonov.

The aim of the «COPONAMRI» project (acronym for COordination POlymer NAnoparticles: An evaluation of their toxicity and efficiency as MRI contrasts agents & biomarkers) which will be conducted during the period of 2012 – 2014, is to develop a new generation of nanostructural magnetic particles, which will represent a qualitative leap in the current state of technology of bimodal probes for diagnostic medical imaging by combining the magnetic resonance and biomarking.

In order to achieve this aim, the consortium partners will develop innovative strategies adapted to the different stages of the project, from developing new building blocks with appropriate optical or magnetic properties, their own assembly via “soft chemistry” to construct nanoparticles with a suitable coating for biomedical applications, to including the evaluation of the latter as contrast agents in MRI and biomarkers, as well as the most comprehensive assessment of their toxicity and ecotoxicity.

The Experimental Toxicology and Ecotoxicology Unit is an experimental platform for research, innovation and services in toxicology, created as a unit of the Barcelona Science Park to support research groups and institutions located at the Park, as well as other external centres of public and private research. The unit conducts its own research projects and in collaboration with third parties, and also provides advisory services, consulting, design and customized toxicological studies -based on the needs and regulatory or quality requirements specified in each case- for the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic, chemical, veterinary, medical supplies, and environmental management industries.

UTOX is part of the consolidated Research Toxicology Group at the UB (GRET), the CITA-UB Group and the Centre for Research in Toxicology (CERETOX), IT centre of the TECNIO network of the Generalitat of Catalonia specializing in the transfer of technology in Toxicology. CERETOX comprises two units: the Experimental Toxicology and Ecotoxicology Unit of the PCB, led by Dr. Miquel Borràs, and the Toxicology Unit at the Faculty of Pharmacy of the UB, headed by Professor Joan Mª Llobet. The platform also cooperates with numerous research groups from different national and international universities, organisations and government bodies, and is involved in numerous national and European research public projects (CENIT, Singular and Strategic Projects, 7PM, etc.).