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The UB becomes a stakeholder in the spin-off enterprises Enantia and Thera

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The UB becomes a stakeholder in the spin-off enterprises Enantia and Thera

The company "Cultura Innovadora i Científica" (CICUB, Innovative and Scientific Culture) developed by the Universitat de Barcelona (UB, University of Barcelona) has recently become a stakeholder in and , two UB spin-offs located at the Parc Científic de Barcelona (PCB, Barcelona Science Park). These two companies have been promoted by the Business Centre Area of the and are included in the Technology Springboard Network developed by the Centre for Innovation and Business Development () of the Generalitat de Catalunya (Regional Government).

is devoted to the synthesis and development of chemical processes for the preparation enantiomerically pure products of added value for the pharmaceutical industry. The company arose as a spin-off from an academic research group named TECNOQUIRAL in 2003. Developed by researchers at the UB and by professionals from the industrial sector, Enantia operates as a support centre for technological innovation. Among its future projects, Enantia is currently developing a series of new products for the treatment of malaria and other illnesses of viral origin.

, Centre for Languages and Computation, is devoted to the application of advances and new technological solutions in linguistic engineering to satisfy business needs in information and knowledge management. Thera arose in 2001 as a spin-off from the UB research group, CLiC (Linguistics and Computing Centre). One of the leading applications of this company is “Ontology”, a high speed automatic document classifier (65,000 words per second).

In addition, the UB has also placed an investment in the spin-off Biocontrol Technologies, specialised in research and development of biological control agents such as fungicides to combat crop diseases while at the same time respecting the environment. This company was set up jointly by researchers at the Faculty of Biology of the UB and several professors from the University of Seville.