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The SER radio network broadcasts live from the Barcelona Science Park

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The SER radio network broadcasts live from the Barcelona Science Park

Next Saturday October 30 the Ser Radio Network will broadcast a special edition of the programme "A vivir que son dos días" –directed by Montserrat Domínguez– live from the Auditorium of the Barcelona Science Park (Baldiri Reixach, 3 Tower D), as a result of the "IxD, Ideas por Descubrir", tour launched by the radio network and which consists of sending its teams and professionals to different parts of Spain for a two week period –October 18 to 31- in order to show the best initiatives conducive to progress that are being conducted in our country in all fields: innovation, enterprise, university, research and technology.

The main communicators of the SER Radio Network –such as Carles Francino, Gemma Nierga, Àngels Barceló and the aforementioned Montserrat Domínguez-, have participated in this programme, leaving their studios in order to locate people with great ideas in every corner of Spain and make their voice known. It is the biggest deployment in the SER Radio Network’s history: 150 deployed professionals, 34 live performances, 12,000 kilos of technical material, 74 ADSL and RDSI lines, 500 hotel rooms and 20,000 kilometers to travel.

The decision to choose Barcelona and the Barcelona Science Park to broadcast the programme aims to show the large presence of this emerging sector of innovation, research and knowledge in fields such as biomedicine and biotechnology in this geographic region.

“A vivir que son dos dias”, programme which will be broadcasted on the 30th, will boast guest appearances by the Barcelona mayor, Jordi Hereu, who will speak between 9 a.m. and 10 a.m. Between 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. the programme will address biomedicine with a presentation conducted by Fernando Albericio, general director of the Barcelona Science Park; Montserrat Vendrell, general director of the Bioregion of Catalonia (Biocat), Joan Rodés, director of the Hospital Clinic Health Care Research Institute (IDIBAPS), Rafael Maldonado, professor of Pharmacology of the UPF and Carles Duarte, researcher at the CSIC.

Between 11 a.m. and 12 a.m. a part of the programme will discuss books and cooking with writer Najat El Hachmi, chef Sergi Arola and programme collaborators Óscar López and Manu Berástegui. Berna González Harbour, José Martí Gómez, Josep Ramoneda and Màrius Carol will participate in the general discussion.

This is the fourth season of “Go live life, as it is short”) with Montserrat Domínguez as presenter. She became the director and presenter of the most widely listened to weekend programme in 2008. In Spain, 1,558,000 listeners on Saturdays and 1,440,000 on Sundays make it the leading weekend radio programme in terms of listenership, in Barcelona this leading position reaffirmed by an audience of 129,000 listeners on Saturdays and 112,000 listeners on Sundays.

Entry to the Barcelona Science Park’s auditorium is free of charge and open to everyone, but due to limited space please confirm attendance to the event by sending an email to:;