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The researcher Carles Mas wins the 15th University of Barcelona Doctors” Senate Award

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The researcher Carles Mas wins the 15th University of Barcelona Doctors” Senate Award

The 15th University of Barcelona Doctors' Senate Award has been won by Carles Mas for his thesis Design and synthesis of peptides that neutralize bacterial endotoxins as therapeutic agents for the treatment of sepsis, directed by Fernando Albericio, full professor at the Department of Organic Chemistry and General Manager of the Barcelona Science Park. Mas is currently a researcher at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia.

The fifteenth edition of the award, for which the winner will receive 5,000 euros, was open to all doctoral students who made the public defence of their theses at the University of Barcelona during 2009. A total of 97 candidates from different areas and specializations were considered, whose work covered practically all of the science and humanities disciplines offered at the UB.

The prize jury for the Doctors’ Senate award, with the rector of the UB, Dídac Ramírez, as president, comprises the UB professors and lecturers Joan Bosch, vice-president of the Doctors’ Senate, and Mireia Freixa, José Gaspar Lorén, Ramón Estruch, Joan Aguilar, Miquel Martínez, José Manuel Parra, Xavier M. Triadó, and Jaume Mascaró, who acted as jury secretary.

The jury was keen to stress the quality and scientific impact of the theses submitted to this year’s edition of the award, many of which were individually honoured by the doctoral committees of the faculties by which they were overseen. The fundamental goal of the Doctors’ Senate Award is to officially acknowledge those doctoral theses read and defended at the UB which make particularly valuable contributions to scientific progress and the advancement of human knowledge.

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