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The PCB receives the “Conseller en cap” and the minister of the DURSI; a visit that coincides with the approval of the second phase of the PCB project

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The PCB receives the “Conseller en cap” and the minister of the DURSI; a visit that coincides with the approval of the second phase of the PCB project

On 13 December, the "conseller en cap" (first minister) of the Generalitat, Josep Bargalló, and the Minister for Universities, Research and the Information Society (DURSI), Carles Solà, visited the Parc Científic de Barcelona (PCB, Barcelona Science Park). This visit was to mark the acceptance of the regional government, on 30 November, to participate as a full member on the PCB Governing Board. In addition, the commitment of the DURSI has been reflected in its acceptance of one of the vice-presidency positions.

The visit coincided with the presentation of the PCB Strategic Plan 2005-2008, in accordance with the Ministry of Economy, which covers the construction of the second phase of the park, estimated to become operational at the end of 2008. In this second phase, the surface area of the park will increase from its present 26,200 m2 to 85,000 m2. The Modular Building which occupies 23,000 m2 and hosts laboratories, will be extended through 8 new modules with a total surface area of 10,000 m2. This phase also provides for the enlargement of the CIDEM-PCB Bioincubator, the incorporation of new enterprises that are already consolidated and public research laboratories, and also the extension of the facilities of the Institute of Biomedical Research (IRB-PCB) and the CREBEC Nanobioengineering Laboratory.

Furthermore, the second phase also includes the remodelling of the two towers that are currently used by the UB Faculties of Geography and History and Philosophy. These divisions will move to the new building now being built in front of the “Casa de la Caritat”. One of the remodelled towers will host the Technology Incubator, which will pursue the objective of the PCB to foster the development of new technology-based enterprises, in collaboration with the Business Centre of the Bosch i Gimpera Foundation, while the other will be assigned to more research facilities.

The ministers were received by the rector of the UB and president of the PCB, Joan Tugores, with whom they held a meeting together with the president of the UB Social council and first vice-president of the PCB, Joan Josep López Burniol, the UB vice-rector of Science Policy and second vice-president of the park, Albert Casas, and the director of the PCB, Màrius Rubiralta. After this meeting, they were escorted around the facilities in the Modular Building, and informed about the extensive technological services provided by the PCB. In addition, they visited four Technology Platforms and also enterprises such as the Bioinvestigation Laboratory, owned by Merck Farma y Química, and the UB spin-off Oryzon Genomics, which is included in the CIDEM-PCB Incubator programme. Finally, the ministers called in on the Institute of Biomedical Research of the PCB (IRB-PCB).