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oTSolutions World Congress Barcelona is the first international congress dedicated to the Internet of Things (Internet of Things, IoT).

The Bosch i Gimpera Foundation takes part in the first international congress on the Internet of Things

This Friday, under the IoT Solutions World Congress, international experts and multinational technology companies, at the Gran Via de Fira de Barcelona, will bring us the latest innovations and solutions offered by the Internet of Things (Internet of Things, IoT), a technology allowing digital interconnection between Internet and everyday objects or industrial machines that enables companies to transform their business future. The Bosch i Gimpera Foundation (FBG), based at Parc Cientific de Barcelona, will be one of the Catalan institutions to actively participate in the event.

Hosted in the exhibit area of this congress, the FBG will present the technologies that the University of Barcelona (UB) has available to be awarded under license and its research lines as a provider of technology solutions. Of note is that the UB has a professional team of over 4,500 experts that carry out basic and applied research, structured into more than 225 consolidated research groups. The FBG manages about 800 annual projects, of which more than 600 correspond to contracts with companies and institutions.

IoTSolutions World Congress Barcelona is the first international congress dedicated to the Internet of Things (IOT), a technological phenomenon that aims to change the way of producing and doing business, while improving the welfare of people, thanks to its application in areas such as health, environment, mobility and road management.

The IoT offers, as a technological vision of the future, the possibility to connect via internet, common objects of everyday life (appliances, vehicles, medical devices, etc.), so that the data these objects generate as a result of their operation (such as electricity consumption, travel routes, etc.) can be transmitted and analyzed to become information and knowledge that is helpful for the user and the community.

The congress is intended to bridge the gap between the so called Internet of Things, a term used in relation to technology that allows digital interconnection between the Internet and everyday objects and the industry, and will serve to show the most innovative applications that industrial internet can offer.

The program includes an agenda of top-level speakers who will debate the future of a sector that will transform the global economy in upcoming years. As part of the event, technical training areas and networking  activities will also be featured and will have available an exhibition area where companies will be able to showcase the latest technological innovations in this field, with prototypes, projects and real applications that are already helping companies grow. The event is expected to bring together 90 companies that do exhibits all over the world.

The Industry Ring initiative 

Technologies such as the Internet of Things, Big Data or Cloud Computing are marking the start of the now called “fourth industrial revolution”; the three previous ones were the result of the development of the steam engine, electricity and computerized electronic devices. This fourth industrial revolution, referred to as Industry 4.0, is based on a new way to organize production using the computerization and digitization of all its processes. These processes interact with each other online and they win autonomy through ICT and the exploitation of massive data.

Within this context and under the IoT Solutions World Congress, the Secretary of Business and Competitiveness, PereTorres, and the general director of Industry, Antoni Ma. Grado, will present today The Industry Ring initiative (Anella Industrial), a new cross-platform of advanced ICT services and collaborative R&D&I setting for all industrial sectors in Catalonia. It is a public-private initiative launched together with i2CAT and Eureca to accelerate the coming together of ICT with the industry in order to increase productivity, promote industrial growth, modify the profile of the workforce, and ultimately define a new dynamic initiative of global competitiveness.