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12th edition of BATX2LAB is a tutoring program for secondary school students who undertake research projects (Photo: PCB).

The Barcelona Science Park starts BATX2LAB

The Barcelona Science Park (PCB) just opened the call to participate at the 12th edition of BATX2LAB, a tutoring program for secondary school students who undertake research projects. The initiative is part of the Research in Society program -organized by PCB´s Science Outreach Division- that offers around 80 activities addressed at different audiences from a wide age range with a participation of over 4,5000 people each year.


BATX2LAB offers eleventh grade students the opportunity to carry out the practicum section of their research projects at PCB´s laboratories under the tutorship of a researcher who will also advise them during the phase of project development.

The program will conclude with the presentation of prizes to the best research projects that will in turn take part at the 2017 edition of Live Research. The aim of the initiative is for the young students to present to the attendees and visitors of the fair, the research project they carried out over the year. The participating secondary schools will receive laboratory materials for use in the project.

The 12ª edition of BATX2LAB started on 25 May with an informative session at the PCB that hosted over seventy teachers and area principals from secondary schools from all over Catalonia. The operation of the program and the research areas in which scientist from the PCB will be acting as tutors were discussed at the meeting, including: microbiology, biophysics, computational biology, biomedicine and metabolic diseases, structural biology of proteins and nucleic acid complexes, structural biology, evaluation by Afabe Imaging, peptide and protein chemistry, clinical bioinformatics, generation of animal models and nanotechnology.

•The deadline for the submission of applications is 6 and the resolution will be published at our website: