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The actress Assumpta Serna on the IV Spanish Cinema Committee

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The actress Assumpta Serna on the IV Spanish Cinema Committee

The Catalan actress Assumpta Serna will be the star of the IV Spanish Cinema Committee, to be held on 1st December. Organized by the , located at the Parc Científic de Barcelona (PCB, Barcelona Science Park), this debate session aims to analyse cinema through the artistic trajectory of those who work in this industry. The event will take place at 11.45 h in the PCB Auditorium (c/Baldiri Reixac, 4-6).

Assumpta Serna will talk about her career, the work of an actor and the European Film Academy awards, which will be presented in Barcelona on 11th December. The event will also include the participation of the producer Julio Fernández (Filmax Entertainment) and the director Josep Maria Forn.

The actress studied Law and graduated in Dramatic Arts from the “Institut del Teatre de Barcelona”. She has starred in more than 60 films produced in Hollywood and in several European and Latin American countries. Author of two specialized books entitled “El trabajo del actor de cine” and “Monólogos en V. O.”, Assumpta is currently involved in actor workshops in Spanish universities and is also a committee member of the European Film Academy.

Her extensive film career includes films such as “Dulces horas” (Carlos Saura, 1981), “Matador” (Pedro Almodóvar, 1986), “Yo, la peor de todas” (María Luisa Bemberg, 1990) and “El maestro de esgrima” (Pedro Olea, 1992), among others. The actress has also participated in television series such as “La ballena blanca” and «Falcon Crest». In 2002, Assumpta wrote and directed her first short film, entitled “El silencio de la voz”.