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Maria Terrades (Photo: Barcelona Science Park).

Statement by Maria Terrades, director of the Barcelona Science Park

Faced with the evolution of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, Maria Terrades, director of the Barcelona Science Park (PCB), issues a statement to all public and private entities that are part of the PCB's Community.


Dear PCB Community,

There’s nothing new in saying that the activity in the Health field in terms of investigation and production ha proved itself, these days more than ever, as one of the main support to cope with the big challenges of society nowadays.

It makes me really proud to see all the activity and initiatives that have appeared from the entities working in the Parc to cope with the pandemic that is affecting us. From the research that is going on to understand the mechanism of COVID-19 as well as to find new medicines, develop and produce new diagnosis kits or to make material, knowledge and professionals available to process samples and help the sanitary System on the diagnosis of infected people. I don’t want to mention them so I make sure I don’t forget any of them, but there are plenty of entities of the Park that are considered critics of essential services or Connected to those that are in full activity these days.

Despite this, unfortunately, we have to be aware of the negative economic impact that will have the sanitary crisis provoked by the pandemic of the COVID-19 on the economy of some of the entities located in the Park. In front of this situation, the Park will try, on its possibilities, to offer the greatest possible flexibility.

They have been, and still will be, days of utmost dedication to be able to adapt, all of us, to the constant changes and new rules with a constantly changing reality. I want to thank to all entities the facility on the communication and trust that you have given us to make this process more agile.

I want to thank, as well, all of the PCB personnel and the companies that provide basic services that have done an overexertion from the first day to keep the Park opened with all its services working to make the entities can continue working in person, as well as putting all the means to make easier working from home.

Following the government recommendations, and exceptionally, during the Holy Week, all the personnel of the Park that is not required to work physically on the installations, will make holidays, even though the general services continue. This measure will help us to be in the 100% when we return to normality after Covid-19.

I hope that the sanitary crisis starts to reduce itself as soon as possible and all the personal and the business damage will be the minimum possible thanks to the effort and collective solidarity.


Maria Terrades