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SOM Biotech receives the Innovative SME Seal from the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation

SOM Biotech, a clinical-stage drug discovery and development company focused on orphan diseases of the Central Nervous System, and based in the Barcelona Science Park, announces that it has obtained an Innovative SME Seal from the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation.

This distinction recognizes SOM Biotech’s contribution to R&D innovation. The accreditation highlights the innovative business model, based on a pioneering computational chemistry technology that the company has developed to accelerate and streamline the drug discovery and development process.

Maria Zimina, Business Development Manager, underlines: “Innovation is at the core of SOM Biotech´s business model. We work with a proprietary technology based on artificial intelligence to identify drug candidates with high levels of safety and efficacy. This has allowed us to build a very robust portfolio of drug candidates for diseases where there is a great medical need. Our technology is validated through the positive results we have obtained in different clinical trials. We have also proved that drug development times can be shortened and R&D costs can be drastically lowered, benefiting patients with severe medical conditions.”

» For further information: SOM Biotech website [+]