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Seventh Season of the internship program “Spend the Summer at the Park!”

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Seventh Season of the internship program “Spend the Summer at the Park!”

Between March 3 and April 11 the PCB will accept applications to participate in the internship program "Spend the Summer in the Park", which is addressed to undergraduate students in their final year. The aim of this program, organized by the Barcelona Science Park, is to bring students closer to research, through their participation in some of the projects under way in the companies, research groups and centers hosted by the PCB.

The internship can take place in research groups working on biomedicine, biotechnology, chemistry and any other of the areas where research takes place in the PCB. This includes as well research into humanities and social sciences. The internship will last for two to three months, between July and September, and the participants will receive a certificate upon completion.

This year selected students will receive a stipend of 150 euros/month. The PCB will grant an extra 500 euros/month to the top 10 applicants.

This is the seventh year running that the Barcelona Science Park is offering this program. In previous years the PCB hosted a total of 153 students out of 413 applications received. According to the satisfaction questionnaires, students as well as tutors are very satisfied with the results of this collaboration. This can be seen in the high rate of students which stay attached to their host groups after the end of the internship (more than 30% in last year’s program).

For more information, and to submit your application online, please visit the website of .