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Science Week 2003 at the Parc Científic de Barcelona

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Science Week 2003 at the Parc Científic de Barcelona

On the occasion of the 8th Science Week (SW03), the Parc Científic de Barcelona (PCB, Barcelona Science Park) has organized several open days and visits to the Sabater Pi Collection. These events aim to bring scientific activity undertaken at the Park closer to the public at large. Held from 7-16th November under the title "Viva Science!", the SW03 includes 450 events to disseminate scientific and technological knowledge in 100 venues around Catalonia.

The open days are, in general, aimed at secondary school students and the public at large. They will include a presentation and a visit around the facilities of the Park and will be held on Monday 10th and Wednesday 12th November at 10.00 h and 16.00 h; prior reservations are required. In addition, on Tuesday 11th and Thursday 13th, the ethologist Jordi Sabater Pi will be present from 10 to 12 h in the documentation centre named after him. He will introduce those interested to the collection that he has built up over the years. Of great interest to scientists, students of anthropology, ethology and history, and public in general, the Sabater Pi Collection includes books, journals and objects associated with ethology and a collection of drawings and watercolours by Jordi Sabater himself.

In addition, the PCB will be one of the centres that biology students from secondary schools visit on Friday 14 November during their participation in the biology gymkhana “Build the double helix”, organized by the Catalan Society of Biology, with the support of the Barcelona City Council, the Institut d’Estudis Catalans (Institute of Catalan Studies) and the Ministry of Science and Technology. The gymkhana aims to increase students’ appreciation of the importance of the discovery made by Watson and Crick and to improve knowledge of the basic structural and functional aspects of DNA. This event also aims to diffuse scientific knowledge among students in a hands-on, dynamic way.

Furthermore, on Monday 10th November, the Universitat de València (University of Valencia) will open the exhibition “Embryos and Medicine in the XXI century” ( in the 5th Science and Technology Week in Valencia. Commissioned by the PCB and the Observatory of Bioethics and Law of the Universitat de Barcelona (UB, University of Barcelona), the exhibition has the objective to promote the participation of the general public in an informed social debate on the use of embryos as a source of stem cells. It covers, in an interactive and entertaining way, the ethical and scientific implications generated by this topic and the opinions of several sectors of society. At the beginning of the year, “Embryos and Medicine in the XXI century” was located in the Edifici Històric of the UB, where it received 2,700 visitors, of which 83% expressed their support of the use of embryos for therapeutic purposes. These results were published in an article in the journal Science (Vol. 299. February 2003).

For more information on these events and for reservations, please contact the Communication Dept. of the PCB at 93 403 46 62 or e-mail .