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Science and technology parks have played a key role over the course of this event (Photo: APTE).

Science and technology parks step up their participation in the Transfiere forum

Today the 8th Transfiere European Forum for Science, Technology and Innovation, a benchmark event for promoting innovation and cooperation between science and business, has come to an end. Once again Association of Science and Technology Parks of Spain (APTE) members and organisations, including some from the Barcelona Science Park, have played a key role over the course of the event.


This year the Transfiere forum has broken attendance records, receiving more than 4,500 visitors over a day and a half of work and featuring more than 1,700 public and private organisations linked to the strategic sectors of the Spanish economy and 5,000 research groups.

Science and technology parks have played a key role over the course of the event by promoting the presence of their companies and organisations at the forum and identifying business opportunities for them.

A total of 54 organisations from a score of APTE-member science and technology parks including the PCB have taken part in this event with the aim of forging B2B contacts, transferring scientific knowledge and technological research lines, publicising their product range and services and raising funding for innovative projects.

APTE has taken advantage of the great ecosystem Transfiere provides to its members to organise a number of activities. They included its first general assembly of the year at which it was announced that Intech Tenerife, previously an affiliate, is now a member, in other words a park in operation.

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