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From left to right: Andreu Soldevila CEO and founder of LeanBio, with Gemma Lahuerta, Gabriel Roig and Isabel Amat of Reig Jofre (Photo: © Syna Therapeutics).

Reig Jofre and Leanbio create the joint venture Syna Therapeutics

Reig Jofre and LeanBio, based at the Barcelona Science Park (PCB), have created the joint venture Syna Therapeutics qfor the development of biopharmaceutical products in the field of biosimilar products and innovative molecules. The new company's headquarters are located at PCB.


The new alliance is 50% owned by LeanBio, a biotechnology company founded by Dr. Andreu Soldevila in 2014, specialized in the development of biological products for the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors, and by Reig Jofre, who will provide its extensive expertise in the formulation, stabilization and pharmaceutical development of biological and injectable products.

Syna Therapeutics will be headed by Dr. Andreu Soldevila as CEO. Gabriel Roig, as the president of the Board of Directors, will also count on Isabel Amat and Rafael Montilla. 

The new pharmaceutical company will have to finance 9 million euros to carry out the early stages of development. The founding partners will contribute both the initial capital, estimated at 2 million euros, as well as work, knowledge and experience.

The joint venture that starts with the support of the two founding partners, will also consider the entry of new financial or industrial partners in the coming years that might provide strategic value to the project beyond financing.  


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