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Raúl Méndez joins the Molecular Medicine Programme at IRB Barcelona

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Raúl Méndez joins the Molecular Medicine Programme at IRB Barcelona

During the next few weeks the ICREA researcher Raúl Méndez will put the final touches to his new "Translational Control of Cell Cycle and Differentiation" lab at IRB Barcelona –based at the Barcelona Science Park–. The scientist, who joins the institute from the Center for Genomic Regulation, is an international authority in gene regulation, a field in which he has been involved since doing his PhD more than 17 years ago.

Raúl Méndez obtained his PhD from the “Centro de Biología Molecular ‘Severo Ochoa'” in Madrid in 1993. He then moved to the U.S., where he did post-doctoral work at the Louisiana State University Medical Center and at the University of Massachusetts. In 2001 he returned to Spain to take up a post as group leader in the Center for Genomic Regulation, where he has remained until joining IRB Barcelona.

The extensive research performed by Méndez has earned him several awards, including the prestigious “2010 Carmen y Severo Ochoa Award for Research” and the “2008 Ciutat de Barcelona Award” for research. He is currently involved in several European projects, among which special mention is given to that granted by the Association for International Cancer Research for the study of mRNAs in the context of pancreatic cancer.

Among his publications, special mention is given to studies published in prestigious journals such as Nature, Cell and Nature Cell Biology in 2008, in which he showed the exquisite temporal and spatial intracellular regulation of mRNAs, and in Nature Cell Biology in 2010, where he reported for the first time that these regulatory mechanisms occur not only during embryonic development but also in adult cells.