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President Aznar refers to the PCB as one of the three decisive projects in the promotion of research in Catalonia

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President Aznar refers to the PCB as one of the three decisive projects in the promotion of research in Catalonia

On the occasion of the first anniversary of the (Foundation for the Development of Genomic and Proteomic Research in Spain), in his speech the president of the Government made particular reference to the Parc Científic de Barcelona (PCB; Barcelona Science Park), developed in collaboration with the Generalitat de Catalunya (Autonomous Government of Catalonia), as one of the three decisive projects to promote research in Spain. This act was held in Barcelona on 11th November and included presentations by several experts who addressed the present state of genomic research.

President Aznar, accompanied by the Minister for Science and Technology, Juan Costa, and by the Minister for Health and Consumer Affairs, Ana Pastor, emphasized the importance of public and private collaboration in the strengthening of science and technology in sectors such as pharmacy and biotechnology. During the event, President Aznar also announced that, as the result of modifications to the statutes of Fundación Genoma España that very day to allow the incorporation of new board members, the Generalitat would be joining the Board of Trustees.

The event also included presentations by the Director General of Genoma España, José Luis Jorcana; the Director of the extraordinary MSD professorship in Genomics and Proteomics, César Nombela; the director of the scientific and commercial division of Esteve Laboratories, Antoni Esteve; and the director of the Oncological Research Programme at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre of New York and scientific adviser to the PCB, Joan Massagué.

Genoma España, a foundation that depends on the ministries of Health and Consumer Affairs and Science and Technology, was set up to promote the development of genomic and proteomic research, stimulate the creation of biotech companies and obtain financing for Spanish research groups working in these fields. The Foundation includes the participation or several agents from this sector, such as private enterprises, public research institutions and government bodies.