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The event concluded with the presentation of diplomas to the students of the Apel·les Mestres school who participated as instructors in the workshops for elementary schools at the PCB.

Parc Científic de Barcelona takes part in the closing event of «Tastets de Ciència»

As part of the «Escuelas Tándem» initiative that is being carried out jointly by the Apel·les Mestres school of L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, the Parc Científic de Barcelona (PCB) and the Aids Research Institute (IrsiCaixa) –with the support of Fundació Catalunya-La Pedrera– the closing event of the «Tastets de Ciència» was held on 23 January at the auditorium of the school. The event concluded with the presentation of diplomas to students who participated in this initiative and to students who worked as monitors in these series workshops entitled «Research in Primary Schools»  organised by the PCB.

Under the title “What do you know about HIV and AIDS?”, the gathering aimed to provide a number of useful concepts related to the disease, the virus that causes it, and the risks of contagion.  The research work that IrsiCaixa is carrying out on AIDS in order to improve treatment and improve the vaccine that will make the prevention of this disease possible were also prime topics of the session.

The talk was given by Dr. Beatriz Mothe, who was highly acclaimed by the attendees because her approach was tailored to the demands and questions that any adult or teenager might bring up on this topic.

Students actively participated in the activity, since it made them think and self-assess their level of knowledge (and lack of information) they have about AIDS and HIV.

The session also featured the participation of a person affected by the disease who gave testimony to the young audience, which caused great empathy among participants also encouraging them to set aside the prejudices that target AIDS sufferers the same or as much as the actual virus.

The event concluded with the presentation of diplomas to the students of the Apels Maestros school who participated as monitors in the workshops for primary schools at the PCB and at the school´s facilities, as part of the activities of «Tastets de Ciéncia» framed under the «Escuelas Tándem» project.

«Escuelas Tándem», an innovative educational project

«Escuelas Tándem» is inspired by the US model of «Magnet Schools» -where schools and institutions of reference work together with the aim of promoting educational success through curricular specialization of the schools on a specific subject (such as music, science, art, audiovisual communication, etc), with the advice, monitoring and funding of the Catalunya-La Pedrera Foundation, and the collaboration of the Department of Education of the Generalitat. The program, which was started in November 2011, has six tandem projects with six participating schools (four primary schools and two secondary schools) and six institutions of reference (three in the field of music, two in the field of science and one in art).

In the «Tàndem Institut Apel·les Mestres + IrsiCaixa + Parc Científic de Barcelona», science is the cross-cutting theme of the school´s curriculum. The aim of the project is to improve the academic results of this secondary school, and to foster the spirit of research and other scientific vocations among students and to educate key citizens in an increasingly knowledge-based society.

As part of this project, the Parc Cientific de Barcelona has launched a training program aimed at secondary school students so that they can actively participate in the development of various activities of the «Research in Primary Schools» series, intended to bring science to the youngest generations.