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Pangaea Oncology and Laboratorio Echevarne sign an agreement to develop liquid biopsy

Pangea Oncology –Associated Company at Barcelona Science Park– and Laboratorio Echevarne have signed an agreement to develop liquid biopsy for cancer diagnostics. This non-invasive test is able to detect genetic mutations in the blood of cancer patients, allowing oncologists to monitor the patient’s response to therapy in real time, tailor or change treatment if resistance develops.   


Both companies will promote uptake of liquid biopsy techniques, using their analytical capabilities. They will also collaborate on the organization of seminars to share advances in oncology diagnostics with the wider medical community.

Liquid biopsies allow oncologists to monitor treatment response in real time by analyzing a blood sample. “These non-invasive tests also have the advantage that they can be performed repeatedly, making it possible to monitor the evolution of the disease in real time. The liquid biopsy market therefore has some of the greatest potential for growth in cancer diagnostics “, say Dr. Rafael Rosell , Scientific Director, President and Co-founder of Pangaea Oncology and the Dr. Rosell Oncology Institute (IOR), and Director of the Cancer Biology and Precision Medicine Program, Catalan Institute of Oncology. 

The agreement also provides for the dissemination of improvements that liquid biopsy implies for cancer diagnostics. Pangaea and Echevarne will jointly organize seminars for members of the medical and scientific community to share knowledge and advances.

With this in mind, the first seminar will take place on December 1st 2016 at the Espacio Artchimboldi, Barcelona, with the participation of Dr. Luis Alberto Pérez Jurado, Specialist in Family Medicine, Pediatrics, Clinical and Molecular Genetics and Professor of Genetics at the Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona; Dr. Raül Santamaría, Specialist in Human Genetics; Dr. Santiago Viteri, Chief of Staff at the Dr. Rosell Oncology Institute and the Dexeus University Hospital and Teknon Medical Center, Quirónsalud Group.