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Oncoheroes Biosciences and the Super Sam Foundation walking together for the pediatric cancer

Oncoheroes Biosciences announces the receipt of funding from Super Sam Foundation, a pediatric cancer nonprofit organization. Oncoheroes is a Boston based biotech with its European headquarters at the Barcelona Science Park. The startup was co-founded in 2017 by Ricardo Garcia, a serial entrepreneur from Barcelona, and the Italian scientist Cesare Spadoni, two parents touched by childhood cancer and determined to change the outlook for these young patients.


Oncoheroes Biosciences, currently working on the clinical development of volasertib, a potential new drug for rhabdomyosarcoma patients, is honored to announce the receipt of funding from Super Sam Foundation, a pediatric cancer non-profit focused on raising awareness, supporting pediatric cancer families and providing resources mainly in the area of soft tissue sarcoma.

“Our support to Oncoheroes is another way to keep the promise made to our son Sam. He wanted better options, better treatments for All the kids. We are confident that Oncoheroes’ team and their first promising compound, volasertib, could quickly bring new therapies for our little ones. Today, on Sam’s birthday, we are excited to be part of the help needed to accelerate the clinical drug development of volasertib propelling it into a clinical trial,” announced Cassie Santhuff, President and Founder of Super Sam Foundation.

“Oncoheroes, as Super Sam Foundation, believe our kids deserve better, especially those suffering from pediatric cancer types that have the highest prevalence and the worst prognosis. Rhabdomyosarcoma is a very aggressive form of childhood cancer and after in-licensing volasertib from Boehringer Ingelheim, we are working hard to initiate the clinical trial soon,” stated Ricardo Garcia, CEO of Oncoheroes Biosciences.

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