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Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Course

By 20 de April de 2004November 18th, 2020No Comments
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Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Course

On 20 and 22 April the "Workshop on Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) of Paramagnetic and diamagnetic systems. Molecular interactions" was held in the Fèlix Serratosa Hall at the PCB. This course was organized by the , the Specialized NMR Group of the and by the company .

Directed to researchers, professors and undergraduates from academia and industry of six ibero-american countries (Panama, Bolivia, Cuba, Argentina, Portugal and Spain), the course aims to provide a theoretical and practical overview of NMR by making use of the spectrometers at the . It specifically centres on the NMR of paramagnetic systems, a technique that provides data on the systems under study, thanks to the interaction between the atomic nuclei and uncoupled electrons. This interaction is taken advantage of in the case of the so-called Magnetic Resonance Imaging, in which paramagnetic contrasting agents are used to highlight the presence of tumoral agents.

NMR is one of the most powerful techniques for resolving molecular structures. The importance of this technique is highlighted by the fact that the 2003 Nobel Prize for Medicine was awarded for Nuclear Resonance Imaging, and the 2002 Nobel Prize for Chemistry was presented to Prof. Wüthrich, also for his contribution to the development of NMR.