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Members of ACESABIO with government representatives in Madrid. Image/ ACESSABIO.

CataloniaBio & HealthTech joins ACESABIO, the Spanish alliance of health clusters

CataloniaBio & HealthTech, based in the Barcelona Science Park, is one of the 12 clusters that have joined ACESABIO, the Alliance of Spanish Health and Biosciences Clusters. The representatives of these entities met this Monday with the secretary of State for Science, Innovation and Universities, Juan Cruz Cigudosa; the director general of Industrial Strategy and SMEs of the Ministry of Industry and Tourism, Jordi García Brustenga; and the secretary general of Digital Health, Alfredo González. They have conveyed the creation of the largest state alliance in health, which unites the needs of the 1,050 entities they represent.

ACESABIO was officially constituted at the end of 2023 with the mission of being a valid representative of the entire value chain and a paradigm of public-private collaboration.

Its objectives also include fostering territorial cohesion, as a meeting and collaboration point for the different Spanish regions, and its ability to promote Spanish industrial transformation, so that it becomes cutting-edge, innovative and competitive on a global scale. As a key point, he highlights the potential of triangulating opportunities between the Ministries of Industry, Health and Science, Innovation and Universities, and turning the health sector into an economic engine.

Currently,  ACESABIO brings together 1,050 entities, a unique level of representation in the sector, with a strong business focus: 73% of the entities are SMEs, 197 of which are start-ups (18% of the total), 15% are corporations and 12% are knowledge centres, third sector entities and patient associations in the health sector. With an aggregate turnover of more than 27,000 M€ and a direct employment generation of 378,000 jobs, ACESABIO is an important player that reflects the entire value chain of the health and life sciences sector.

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