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Photo: EIT Health.

New Born Solutions, winner of the EIT Health Catapult competition in the Medtech category

New Born Solutions, based in the Barcelona Science Park, was awarded first place of the EIT Health Catapult competition in the Medtech category for its solution to improve the detection of infectious diseases in new-borns, such as meningitis. The programme, run by EIT Health, recognises and awards the very best business concepts, fast-tracking start-ups to become part of the EIT Community of world-leading companies that can improve the lives of patients and citizens. The Catalan start-up New Born Solutions has created the first non-invasive screening device for infant meningitis to work in only three seconds. The pen-like device, named Neosonics, is placed on the infant’s fontanelle and uses ultrasound technology to determine the concentration of white blood cells in the cerebrospinal fluid, which is an indicator of infection. The device works by using high-resolution ultrasound technology to generate an image of structures as small as white blood cells. The nine winning start-ups of the EIT Health Catapult competition have been announced at the final day of the EIT Health Summit. The competition awarded a combined total of more than one million euros in funding and continued support to promising start-ups intensive training, expert-led business plan optimisation and pitch development as they develop their products and services. EIT Health Spain, the Spanish node of EIT Health, has its headquarters in the Barcelona Science Park (PCB),and currently brings together 24 leading public and private entities in the three areas of the innovation triangle: research, education and business creation. » For further information: EIT Health website [+] » Related news [+]