Neos New Born Solutions, SL (KRIBA)

Medical Technology


Kriba generates impact on healthcare worldwide by accelerating non-invasive screening, diagnosis, and monitoring of infections in serous fluids. Our technology and first-in-class device relies on high-resolution ultrasounds, unique coupling materials and machine learning algorithms to automate the non-invasive count of serous fluids white blood cells in only a few seconds, as a well-established diagnostic marker of infections and inflammatory diseases Our initial focus is on infant meningitis, where there is a global and urgent need for rapid screening due to the vulnerability of the patient and the aggressiveness of the disease. We have expanded the use of our platform technology for infection screening and monitoring to (domiciliary) peritoneal dialysis-related peritonitis and intraocular inflammation (uveitis).

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Contact person: Javier Jiménez

Location: Torre D - 02A4