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Miquel Moretó Named New Director of INSA-UB

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Miquel Moretó Named New Director of INSA-UB

Miquel Moretó, professor in the Physiology Department of the School of Pharmacy, has recently been appointed director of the Nutrition and Food Safety Research Institute at the University of Barcelona (), ), located at the Barcelona Science Park. His appointment coincides with the formation of a new INSA-UB Board of Directors, which has given him its overwhelming support. In the same meeting, the board also announced that Dra Carmen Vidal, researcher at the Department of Nutrition and Bromatology at the School of Pharmacy, will become INSA-UB's secretary.

INSA-UB began as an initiative backed by research groups with the Schools of Pharmacy, Biology, Chemistry, and Geography and History at the University of Barcelona and by other affiliated centres and hospitals linked to the UB. Its mission is to carry out quality research in the area of nutrition and food safety; facilitate technology and knowledge transfer to society at large; offer expert advice and training to the food industry and to public institutions; and provide sound scientific information to consumers.

In the inaugural board meeting, Miquel Moretó covered the main accomplishments of INSA-UB over the past three years and highlighted the consolidation of projects currently underway among his objectives as incoming director, particularly solidifying the Institute’s role in advancing university/ business joint projects and in supporting the official Master’s in Food Safety. He attached special emphasis to creating overlapping lines of research that foster collaboration among research groups so that INSA-UB will become a leading research centre in the area of nutrition and food science.

Miquel Moretó took his first degree at the University of Barcelona and has worked in the Physiology Department in the UB’s School of Pharmacy since 1975. Currently, he leads the research group on Intestinal Physiology and Functional Foods and is a member of the research group on Physiology and Experimental Nutrition, approved by the government of the Generalitat of Catalonia. Moretó has published over 70 papers in scientific journals and participated in more than 25 national research projects, 16 of which he has led. He also takes part in various scientific institutions and associations, including the Roslin Institute (UK), the European Intestinal Transport Group and the Spanish Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.