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Photo: GAEM Foundation.

Mint Labs joins GAEM Foundation’s Accelerator Programme

The start-up Mint Labs –specializing in the development of state of the art 3D neuroimaging techniques- has closed a collaboration agreement with GAEM Foundation – dedicated to boosting biomedical innovation in multiple sclerosis– and will become part of the Project Accelerator Programme, promoted by this patient’s organization from its headquarters at the Barcelona Science Park.


Mint Labs is a technology-based company that focuses its activity on early diagnosis and treatment of brain diseases with a very advanced magnetic resonance technology. The start-up has developed a cloud-based neuroimaging platform that allows making detailed and 3D maps of the human brain in order to accelerate the development of new therapies in the field of clinical neurology and detect new markers that allow optimization of patient segmentation for better treatment, hence opening the door to less invasive surgery. 

“We are very pleased to become part of the GAEM Foundation’s Project Accelerator, a program that we are convinced will boost our platform allowing us to test its usefulness in the diagnosis and treatment of multiple sclerosis, and in the advancement of new therapies for the disease”, said Paulo Rodrigues, CEO of Mint Labs.

The Project Accelerator Programme -created by GAEM Foundation to help small biotech companies and biomedicine to accelerate the process between research and the treatments that finally reach the patient- will allow Mint Labs to expand their contacts and boost their presence in neuroimaging treatment units, enabling the use of their platform in the field of research and studies that are currently being developed to improve the diagnosis and individualized treatment of people affected by multiple sclerosis.

“Specialists from around the world need tools such as the Mint Labs platform to take their research to the next level and accelerate their research processes or clinical trials. The MintLabs platform makes it easier to detect which regions of the brain are damaged and helps specialists find personalized treatments for patients”, explains Dr. Marta Príncep, director of GAEM Foundation.