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David Vidal (Scientific Director, Mind the Byte), Alfons Nonell-Canals (CEO, Mind the Byte), Sven Hellberg (Head of data analysis, Prosilico), Urban Fagerholm (CEO, Prosilico) and Thomas Högberg (Chief Strategic Officer, Mind the Byte).

Mind the Byte and Prosilico sign a strategic partnership agreement

Mind the Byte, located at the Barcelona Science Park (PCB) and at Copenhagen BioScience Park (COBIS), announces that it has just signed an agreement to share technology with the Swedish-based company Prosilico. This agreement fits with the Catalan bioinformatics company's plans to expand internationally through strategic alliances and increase its range of services.


Within this partnership, Mind the Byte adds to its in silico drug discovery platform the capacity of doing some virtual predictions of human clinical ADME/PK and covers now a wider range of expertise and know-how.

The platform, which uses Cloud Computing, already allows studying the mechanism of action of drugs and conducting computational screenings for hit finding or drug repurposing. Now, it will be complemented with some Prosilico tools to predict relevant human in vivo ADME/PK properties in models independently validated by pharma companies.

Mind the Byte’s CEO Alfons Nonell-Canals says, “We have selected Prosilico as a partner because they have been able to utilize human clinical data to develop predictive models covering a wide range of ADME/PK applications and diminishing a lot of the otherwise common in vitro and in vivoexperiments.”

On the other side, the CEO of Prosilico, Urban Fagerholm, concludes, “Mind the Byte is at the forefront of computational drug discovery providing a unique Software as a Service platform allowing also midsize pharma, biotechs and institutions an affordable and flexible access to High Performance Computing. We hope that being on this platform will advance the use of our human-based in silico ADME/PK tools and we look forward to the collaboration.”