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Let’s not be poisoned by advertising!

Just as we put Black Friday behind us, with its onslaught of advertising offering all manner of deals, we now find the Christmas campaign in full swing – and it seems to start earlier each year. For the next six weeks the shops will be open, and the high streets magnificently enlivened with lights and the sound of music.

We know that this kind of exorbitant consumerism is not sustainable. We are aware that our attitude towards throw-away products, because “a day is just a day”, brings with it industrial processes that have severe repercussions for the environment (the consumption of limited natural resources, water pollution, transport with its associated atmospheric emissions etc.), and that often, there is little transparency in the sector regarding the civil rights of its staff (producers, carriers, delivery drivers, sales teams etc.)

Although our current climate does not make things easy, as consumers we must fight to promote new consumer models based on the reparability of products, on renting before buying and on effective waste management. The circular economy must be made a reality. We all have a role to play: governments, industries, the agriculture and livestock sectors, and of course, consumers who must make the right choices.