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Launching of the “Dissemination of Science” portal of Parc Científic de Barcelona

The program “Research in Society” of the  Parc Científic de Barcelona (PCB) has just launched a new portal to facilitate access and transparency of information enabling easier and more dynamic management by schools and more than the 4.500 people who take part in nearly 100 activities that the Parc offers annually. 

Dissemination of the research being carried out nowadays and fostering dialogue between society and researchers through the “Research in Society” program has been one of the main strategic lines of Parc Científic de Barcelona since 2003. Through this new portal, PCB aims to have closer and more direct contact with all those individuals interested in the task of disseminating the research activity the Park is engaged in as well as in the events it promotes.

This platform has been designed as a tool to offer a more comprehensive and clear-cut perspective of the different actions undertaken to disseminate science projects organized by the Parc, including the most relevant news of the “Research in Society” program; information, registration forms and protocols of the different workshops and practicum sessions that are carried out under the scope of the program “Research in Society”, among other contents.

The tool will be regularly updated with new activities and suggestions from the community.