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Anido is the first woman to lead the association (Photo: CataloniaBioHT).

Judit Anido, new president of CataloniaBio & HealthTech

CataloniaBio & HealthTech has appointed Judit Anido as the new president of the association. Co-founder and general manager of Mosaic Biomedicals, based in the Barcelona Science Park, Anido is the first woman to lead the association of companies in the life sciences and health arena in Catalonia.


CataloniaBio & HealthTech has appointed a new president and four new members of the current Board of Directors (2018-2022), as per the association’s bylaws. At the general assembly of members held this morning in the Barcelona Science Park, Judit Anido was appointed president of CataloniaBioHT for the next two years, replacing Jaume Amat who moves into the position of first vice-president.Co-founder and general manager of Mosaic Biomedicals (a Northern Biologics company), Anido is the first woman to lead the association of companies in the life sciences and health arena in Catalonia. 

The new board members are Marta Palicio, Chief Innovation Officer of Biokit; Carme Lagunas, R&D Strategy and Planning Advisor FAB at Ferrer; Alfons Nonell, CEO of The Patients Resource, and Joan Comella, CEO of the Vall d’Hebron Research Institute (VHIR).

The continuing board members are Lluís Chico, managing partner at NEOS Surgery, as second vice-president and treasurer; Àngel Alonso, CEO of Vecmedical as third vice-president and secretary; Montserrat Vendrell, managing partner at Alta Life Sciences; Lídia Cánovas, general manager for Regulatory Affairs at Asphalion; Albert Giralt, CEO of Avinent, and Isabel Amat, global head of Innovation and Pipeline Management at Reig Jofre.

The outgoing board members are from Esteve, Hospital Clinic, Mind the Byte and Spherium Biomed, who the board thanked for their hard work and contribution to the association.

“Innovation as the driving force, entrepreneurship as the attitude and network as the framework, these are the strategic focal points that were established at the beginning of this board’s term and that will guide our efforts over the next two years in order to continue anticipating trends in an ecosystem that is constantly changing and revolutionising,” explained Judit Anido.

Anido highlighted the role CataloniaBioHT is playing and will play in the sector. “Digitisation is revolutionising how we understand health and manage it. So are regulatory issues. We will continue providing companies with the tools to boost growth and competitiveness, with special emphasis on maximising synergies and consolidating relations with other organisations in order to strengthen the ecosystem with CataloniaBioHT as the pivot point for the leveraging of all other stakeholders.”

Currently, CataloniaBioHT has more than 160 members, including start-ups and pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical technology and devices, and scientific services companies, as well as investors and leading knowledge stakeholders in research, development and innovation (R&D).

The association covers the whole value chain, which means it can offer new solutions to improve the health of research on the market. At the assembly, outgoing president Jaume Amat gave a positive overview of his two years at the helm of CataloniaBioHT: “It is always difficult in the beginning, but these past two years have shown that integrating CataloniaBio and the HealthTech Cluster made all the sense in the world and we have consolidated a new association that hopes to lead development of innovative new solutions.”

New records were set in 2019 for turnout at the 16 activities held by CataloniaBioHT, with participation from over one thousand executives, entrepreneurs, investors and professionals from the sector.

From scientist to entrepreneur

Judit Anido és doctora en biologia i oncologia per la Universitat de Barcelona i MBA per la Duke University (Estats Units) amb especialització en gestió del sector sanitari, emprenedoria i innovació. Compta amb més 10 anys de carrera científica en oncologia translacional al Vall d’Hebron Institut d’Oncologia (VHIO) i ha col·laborat com a Associate Pipeline and Portfolio Planning Team a Genentech (Roche Group).

Des de 2012 ha liderat el creixement de Mosaic Biomedicals, biotecnològica amb seu al Parc Científic de Barcelona que es dedica al desenvolupament de tractaments personalitzats per al càncer, com a cofundadora i consellera delegada fins a la fusió amb la canadenca Northern Biologics el 2016. A partir d’aquesta data, Anido assumeix la direcció general de Mosaic i la vicepresidència d’Operacions i Assumptes corporatius de Northern.