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Jordi Sabater Pi, «Person of the year» at the Thau School Barcelona

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Jordi Sabater Pi, «Person of the year» at the Thau School Barcelona

Coinciding with the celebration of Sant Jordi, yesterday April 23, the Thau School Barcelona organized a series of events to pay tribute to Jordi Sabater Pi, director of the , located at the Barcelona Science Park.

Sabater Pi was welcomed at the school’s amphitheater by the teaching staff and 1,300 students, to whom he expressed his deepest gratitude. Following the welcoming ceremony, Sabater Pi was taken on a tour of the school while the students explained the different projects they had carried out relating to his scientific trajectory and that were exhibitted throughout the school facilities. Jordi Sabater Pi received a sample of the projects performed by the school. In the afternoon, at the closing ceremony of the Jocs Florals (Flower Festival), Joan Tort i Donada, author of the book “Okorobikó” gave a speech dedicated to this recognized primatologist and ethologist.

The Thau School Barcelona has dedicated the 2008/2009 school year to Jordi Sabater Pi as the person of the year, organizing a series of events related with his scientific trajectory. To this end, throughout the school year, students –ranging from the youngest three-year olds, to the oldest 16-year olds- have studied and deepened their knowledge on Jordi Sabater Pi. Additionally, in June, the school magazine will publish a monograph dedicated to Jordi Sabater Pi.