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Joan Elias, new rector of the University of Barcelona (Photo: UB).

Joan Elias is elected rector of the University of Barcelona

Joan Elias, professor of Mathematics, is the new rector of the University of Barcelona, after having obtained the 53,07% of the weighted vote in the second round of the elections for the Rector’s Office which took place on December 1. The other candidate, Màrius Rubiralta, professor of Organic Chemistry, obtained the 46,93% of the weighted vote. Joan Elias will lead the government of the University for four years.


Joan Elias García (Barcelona, 1956) is professor at the Department of Maths and Computing of the University of Barcelona. During his academic life, he has combined teaching, research on commutative algebra and management. He has been the main researcher in several research projects, national networks and actions integrated in several countries. Moreover, Elias was the General Editor of Real Sociedad Matemática Española (Royal Spanish Mathematical Society), and member of the Publications Committee of the European Mathematical Society. Regarding the fields of management, he was Head of Studies (1992-1993) and Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics (1996-2002), Vice-Rector of the University of Barcelona (2008-2012) and Secretary-General of the Interuniversity Council of Catalonia (2006).

This is the fourth time, according to the current regulation, that the university community elects the rector through direct election and secret and free ballot. The elections called 62.998 people from different university groups to participate. At the end of the day, 8.671 people had voted, corresponding to the 13,76 of the total (lower participation than the first round’s, which was of 16.10%). Out of all these votes, 8.327 were for the candidates, 195 blank and 149 spoiled. 

• For further information on the elections, you may visit the UB website [+]