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Multi-purpose integrated circuit (eMUSIC), developed at ICCUB-Tech (Photo: ICCUB).

ICCUB becomes a Scientifica International technological partner

The Institute of Cosmos Sciences (ICCUB) of the University of Barcelona has signed an agreement with the company Scientifica International to work together in the fields of nuclear and particle physics, space sciences and industry. One of the first licensed products for its trade is the Multi-purpose Integrated Circuit (eMUSIC), carried out at the ICCUB technology Unit (ICCUB-TECH), based in the Barcelona Science Park.


Scientifica International will study how to bring the developments that are carried out at ICCUB into the market, especially instrumentation, electronics and application specific integrated circuits (ASIC). The generic agreement, managed through the Bosch i Gimpera Foundation of the UB, sets the bases for future collaborations between the ICCUB and Scientifica. Both units will collaborate in high technology projects and will enter competitions in international organizations such as the European Space Agency (ESA), CERN and ITER.

One of the first licensed products for its trade is the Multi-purpose Integrated Circuit (eMUSIC), carried out at ICCUB. Although it was originally designed for the future telescope Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA), eMUSIC can be used for other applications, such as medical imaging, spectrometers, radiation detectors like synchrotrons and particle accelerators. 

The Matrix electronic device, with an analogical-digital conversion function for high-precision time measurement, has also been licensed for its commercialization. This device has been applied to the improvement of the precision in positron emission tomography (PET), used in medical diagnoses.

The area of electronics of the ICCUB Technological Unit (ICCUB-Tech) has worked on six different designs over the last years, producing more than 100.000 units and it now has five patents in the field of photodetectors.

ICCUB-Tech has expert engineers on instrumentation, electronics and big data management who had worked in several research groups so far, fields in which technology is a key element: mainly for space missions, telescopes, and particle detectors and accelerators.

Another example of an ICCUB-Tech project is the application of a data compression algorithm, developed within the framework of the Gaia project, and to fields of genomics, marine geosciences and new nanosatellites to study the Earth.

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