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IBEC and GENOMICA present NEDxA, first fruit of their collaboration

Head of Technology Transfer Xavier Rubies, as well as representing IBEC as a research centre related to health, joined forces with representatives from Genomica to reveal NEDxA, a nano-electronic diagnostic array, at MEDICA, the world forum for medicine in Düsseldorf on 14th-17th November. The device –developed by the IBEC-Genomica Joint Unit located at IBEC’s headquarters at the Barcelona Science Park– carries out analysis to detect Human Papillomavirus (HPV) in a cheap, quick and convenient desktop device. 


NEDxA, with its slogan ‘Plug / Play / Genotype’, is a microfluidic ‘Lab-on-a-Chip’ which is designed to perform in vitrodiagnostics virtually anywhere. The Point Of Care device is portable, easy to use, and does not need to be operated by specialized personnel. Not only that, but it also drastically reduces analysis time, and includes an integrated touch screen for easy access to results.

The NEDxA array presented this week focuses on the detection and genotyping of high-risk HPV subtypes, but this is just the first disease in a extensive menu of detection panels planned for the instrument.

IBEC’s joint unit with Genomica, the leading Spanish company in molecular diagnostics, was set up in 2015 to enable researchers and industry technicians to share a host of know-how and in-house capabilities to develop and bring to market point-of-care diagnostic products and other medical devices and technologies.