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The new R&D centre of Hipra at PCB shall focus on new vaccine antigens (Photo Hipra).

Hipra opens an R&D centre at the Barcelona Science Park

Hipra, the multinational company dedicated to the research, production and marketing of animal health products, has opened an R&D centre at the Barcelona Science Park (PCB). The company from Girona (Spain) is one of the world's leading veterinary vaccine and biological medicine companies and boasts more than thirty subsidiaries across the globe.


Hipra allocates 10% of its annual turnover to the research and development of new and innovative products. Its new R&D centre at the PCB shall focus on the design, generation and characterisation of new vaccine antigens.

According to Dr Luís Gonzalez, manager of Hipra’s new R&D centre at the PCB, “The main reason we decided to open our new centre at the Barcelona Science Park was the park’s scientific and technological reputation that is second to none, coupled with the provision of new facilities that enable us to continue and accelerate our growth in accordance with our strategic plan”, say Èlia Torroella, directora d’R&D and Regulatory Affairs Director of Hipra.