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Josep Lluís Falcó, founder & CEO of GENESIS Biomed (Photo: Genesis Biomed).

Genesis Biomed is reinforced by hiring a top-level business advisory panel

Genesis Biomed, a consulting company specialized in R+D projects in biomedicine and based in the Barcelona Science Park, has recently established its Business Advisory Board, a multidisciplinary panel of experts, KOL in their respective subjects, which complements the already existing Scientific Advisory Board established in 2019. The company has also just signed an agreement with the REGIC network, one of the main associations of clinical research management entities in Spain, to promote biomedical and health research and innovation.

According to Josep Lluís Falcó, CEO & founder of Genesis Biomed, “we are very happy and satisfied to have this absolutely first-level panel in our company. Without any doubt, they are professionals who are already giving us support in our day-to-day projects, and formalizing this contractual relationship with all of them means the creation of our Business Advisory Board, which we make available to all our clients. The experts will also be ‘Ambassadors’ for Genesis Biomed in the sector, and they will give training sessions for our staff”.

Collaboration agreement with the REGIC network

Genesis Biomed has signed a collaboration agreement as a scientific-technological sponsor with REGIC, Red de Entidades Gestoras de Investigación Clínica (Clinical Research Management Entities Network), the first association in this field created in Spain, with representatives from practically all the autonomous communities.

The REGIC network has already signed collaboration agreements with multiple platforms and public institutions and, for the rest of the entities, presents a sponsorship strategy in order to bring together all the agents that come together in clinical and biomedical research and involve them in their progress through other modalities of relationship.

Josep Lluís Falcó, values very positively ​​this collaboration agreement: “To advance in research, it is essential to share experiences and create spaces for collaboration. We have learned in all these years that sharing knowledge and information adds value to the system. That is why we believe that collaborating with REGIC will help us to provide our clients with an added value of great importance”.

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