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Image: Enantia.

Enantia commissions a Kilo Lab for the scale up of chemical processes

Enantia, a company specialized in medicinal chemistry, process chemistry and solid form development, expands its facilities at the Barcelona Science Park commissioning a new Kilo Lab for the development, scale up and production of key intermediates and compounds to be used in preclinical phases of the development of a drug.

Usually, at the beginning of an investigation, the compounds in which pharmaceutical, cosmetics and nutraceutical industries are interested in are obtained through methods that are not optimized to be reproduced in industrial plants. These processes can be carried out in a lab to obtain small amounts of such molecules, but require alternative approaches when larger quantities of the product are needed because when the reaction is scaled up key aspects such as its safety, efficiency and impurity profile, change.

This is why developing the process in an initial Kilo Lab is key to understand and gather information about these aspects. One of Enantia’s main activities is precisely the development of safe and industrially scalable synthetic routes, considering also their economic viability as well as its environmental footprint.

Enantia’s Kilo lab is equipped with a 15 L jacketed reactor and a 20 L auxiliary reactor, both fitted with mechanical stirrers, and allowing temperatures up to 150 °C and reactions under inert atmosphere. This equipment enables studying the scale up from multigram to kilogram scale, being this phase where more development and optimization is needed. Once Enantia has developed the processes in the Kilo Lab, it is possible to execute a quick technology transfer to the client’s pilot plant and, later, to its industrial plant.

Additionally, Enantia offers the possibility to prepare batches of preclinical compounds, advanced intermediates and building-blocks within the kilogram scale.

Enantia works following very high-quality standards and is ISO-9001:2015 certified. Besides theses services, Enantia collaborates with trusted partners to transfer the developed technology in order to produce product batches under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) at industrial scale.

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