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From left to right: Carmen Vall, Graciela García and Carmen Bau and team (Foto: Barcelona Scientific Park).

Farmaprojects opens a GMP laboratory for quality control and release of medicines in Barcelona Science Park

Farmaprojects, a company specialising in the supply of generic pharmaceutical specialities, has opened a GMP-certified laboratory in the Barcelona Science Park (PCB) for the importation and release of medicines in the European Union. The opening of this new center will bolster the company’s position as a leader in the licensing, manufacture, and supply of generic pharmaceutical products to be marketed in the European Union and third countries.

This GMP accreditation, granted by the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices (AEMPS, Agencia Española del Medicamento y Productos Sanitarios), will allow Farmaprojects to offer in this new centre high-quality analytical services for pharmaceutical companies that require them, such as physicochemical analysis of medicinal products in all their pharmaceutical forms, stability studies of medicinal products, and validation of analytical methods, among others.

This authorisation allows it to analyse and license medicinal products for human use within the European framework, i.e. those companies that manufacture medicinal products outside the European Union can contract the service of analysing them and their subsequent EU release for the sale thereof in any country of the European Union.

The new Farmaprojects laboratory at the PCB is endowed with state-of-the-art equipment and highly qualified scientific and technical personnel who guide and advise pharmaceutical laboratories from all over the world.

“The opening of our new GMP laboratory in Barcelona Science Park, specialising in the quality control and release of medicinal products in the European Union, reflects a new strategic plan for Farmaprojects company. The Park offers us a highly innovative environment where efficiency and agility converge: two values that are intrinsic to our company. Farmaprojects is immersed in an important consolidation and expansion project, with an ambitious 5-year strategic plan. The opening of the analytical services laboratory and the change of image and website were the first steps in this transformation and growth process toward becoming a key, priority partner for other pharmaceutical companies,” says Mieczyslaw Starkowicz, CEO of Farmaprojects.

“Quality, as part of the safety of any drug product, is currently a great challenge for the pharmaceutical industry. Quality processes are slow, complex, and laborious, so the search for agile and productive solutions is paramount. This new GMP laboratory will make it possible for Farmaprojects to provide optimal and productive results in a shorter time frame. Investment in technology has been fundamental and is a key support for achieving this objective. In this way, Farmaprojects can act as a CRO for analysis, stability studies and routine product releases, freeing up the analytical capacity of the client’s laboratory and thereby allowing them to be more efficient in their manufacturing and marketing processes, explains Carmen Bau, Qualified Person and Quality Director at Farmaprojects.

With more than three decades of experience in out-licensing models and regulatory affairs, Farmaprojects’ know-how is complemented by the strong manufacturing, product development and marketing expertise of the Polpharma Group -one of the top 20 global players in the generics market- of which the company is part. This means it can offer a portfolio of high-quality products and services: active pharmaceutical ingredient supply, dossier licensing with finished product supply, contract manufacturing services, as well as full pharmaceutical registration and intellectual property support, among others.

These services are now extended with this new GMP-certified laboratory, which allows the company to offer analysis and release services for medicinal products for human use.