Farmaprojects S.A.U. is a services company, founded in 1988, specialized in the supply of generic pharmaceutical products, through licensing agreements for their marketing through licenses in the European Union and third countries.


In early 2009, Farmaprojects signed a strategic alliance with Polpharma Group to develop B2B activity for the global market of all its products and services which culminated with the integration of Farmaprojects into the Polpharma Group in 2020. Farmaprojects currently offers licensing, supply and contract manufacturing in 5 international production plants and analysis, control and release in the GMP facilities in Barcelona.


Currently, Farmaprojects collaborates with more than 120 pharmaceutical companies in more than 50 countries around the world.


With the opening of its new laboratory for analytical services and batch release in the European market in the Barcelona Science Park, Farmaprojects is consolidating itself as a fundamental partner for pharmaceutical companies, as it allows them to obtain all types of services (licenses, property intellectual, regulatory and analytical) to optimally increase your profit.