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Evonik opens a new Care Solutions lab in Barcelona Science Park

Evonik further strengthens its position as leader in active delivery systems for the cosmetic industry with the opening of a new Care Solutions lab in the Barcelona Science Park, focusing on cosmetic delivery systems and bioactive products. This R&D center  expands the facilities of the company Infinitec Activos, which became part of the German company in 2021.

The opening ceremony took place on 29 June 2022 and was led by vice president of Active Ingredients, Ricardo Willemann, and global head of applied innovation for Delivery Systems, Dr. Natascia Grimaldi.

“This new lab is an important pillar for us to reinforce our excellent track-record in active delivery systems and bioactives. With a bigger space to develop tailor-made solutions, we will be even better equipped to meet the challenges faced by Evonik’s cosmetic industry customers,” said Willemann. The expansion of innovative, tailor-made solutions supports the shift of Evonik’s life science division Nutrition & Care towards system solutions, which are characterized by high growth prospects and above average margin potential.

With a total surface of 400 m2 the lab features a wide range of capabilities and instruments, fullycovering the research, development and application process chain for the commercialization of a new cosmetic product. It consists of a Product Development Lab for novel delivery systems, BioTech Lab for bioactives, Product Characterization and Performances Lab, Quality Control Lab and Application Lab.

“We are excited about the possibilities this new lab offers us. Our technology-driven research group will work on truly interdisciplinary projects, allowing us to gain a complete understanding of novel delivery system technologies and bioactives, and create cutting edge solutions,” said Grimaldi.

The new centre expands the facilities of the delivery systems company Infinitec Activos, which became part of Evonik in 2021. Since the acquisition, the Care Solutions business line has built a large and advanced delivery systems portfolio in cosmetics and is able to provide countless solutions to customers. The new lab increases capabilities for generating new concepts in scientifically substantiated consumer claims. Evonik’s market position in cosmetic active ingredients will be made even stronger.

Active ingredients in personal care or skin products ensure that a product delivers on its claims. However, it is the delivery system that ensures the active ingredient can reach the place where it can unfold its benefits. Developing innovative and effective delivery systems is therefore an important part of personal care product formulation. Cutting-edge delivery systems help formulators create both highly powerful and highly stable products.

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