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Adrià Huguet, co-founder and CTO of Enlighting, and Javier Iglesias, company's CEO (Photo: PCB).

Enlighting Technologies joins Barcelona Science Park

Enlighting Technologies, which focuses its activities on developing smart lighting software, locates its headquarters in the Barcelona Science Park. The spinoff has being created by the University of Barcelona and the BeAbleCapital, which has decided to continue backing the project with an injection of capital to the value of €450,000.


Enlighting Technologies (ET) was founded in 2017 as a spinoff from the University of Barcelona (UB) for the transfer of results to society from an innovative study carried out by Professor Blas Garrido and Professors Sergi Hernández and Adrià Huguet, all of whom are from the Department of Electronic Engineering and Biomedics within the Faculty of Physics and Chemistry.

The researchers developed the Flexilight-UB technology, a smart lighting system designed under the criteria of Human Centric Lighting (HCL)—a new approach that seeks to improve people’s health and well-being through the non-visual effects of light.

Lighting conditions regulate our circadian rhythms, which influence the sleep/wake cycle, immune responses, eating habits, cerebral activity, hormone production and cellular regeneration, among other biological activities. An alteration of the circadian cycle may not only damage our sleep pattern, but some studies also link it to the cause of various illnesses.

ET has developed software that provides intelligence to light fixtures. It can be used with any light or light fixture with four channels or more. The software is integrated into the microcontroller to take control of each channel independently, and is adapted to the latest colorimetry standards to obtain light that is biologically adapted to each need or situation. It also makes it possible to reduce the consumption of energy and programme light parameters through current applications already on the market.

The technology developed by the spinoff can offer smart light control systems to lighting companies in very diverse sectors, including health (phototherapy, hospitals, etc.), museums, architecture and interior design, wholesale and retail trade, work and educational facilities, etc.

Last June, BeAble Innvierte KetsFund —the only fund in Spain specialised in technology transfer for industrial applications, responsible for setting up Enlighting along with the UB researchers— decided to continue backing the project with an injection of capital to the value of €450,000.

According to Enlighting’s CEO Javier Iglesias: «The aim of this phase is to put into practice the solutions developed by Enlighting Technologies. We are working to carry out projects in hospitals and sports clubs along with an industrial partner and scientific experts. Given that the lighting software we have developed offers biological applications, being part of an ecosystem with companies that perform studies and research in the field of biomedicine and biotechnology is very positive for the business. In fact, we have already started to set up initial contacts».