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Emilie Thorel, Lab Manager de B'Zeos

Emilie Thorel (B’ZEOS): “B’ZEOS seeks sustainable solutions for the highly polluting world of packaging”

Did you know that the world generates 275 million tonnes of plastic waste every year? And that only 10% of this waste is recycled globally, 40% ends up in landfill, and a third in fragile ecosystems such as the world’s oceans?

B’ZEOS is a green technology company that is unlocking the power of algae to develop plant-based packaging to create a sustainable, regenerative alternative to fossil fuel-based plastic, a major threat to our planet.

B’ZEOS operates by these values:

  • Developing biodegradable and home compostable materials to combat plastic pollution.
  • Redefining packaging through cutting-edge technology to promote a circular and sustainable future.
  • Protecting oceans, ecosystems and communities.

Emilie Thorel, Lab Manager at B’ZEOS, explains in this interview what it means for a company seeking sustainable solutions for the world of packaging to be part of the PCB community.