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Books, an inexhaustible source of happiness

Sant Jordi, or Saint George’s Day, is almost upon us. Next Tuesday people will fill the streets and squares with joy and colour in search of the best rose and the most eye-catching book. In Catalonia, this day in which books take prominence has a long tradition. Since the 1920s, festivals with books at their heart have been organised in different formats and have been a way of remembering the value of culture. Reading makes us freer, greater and wiser. Sharing what we have read, experienced and learned helps us to move towards a more mature and enlightened society.

Books have many virtues, but they also have a clear environmental impact in terms of paper and ink consumption. Nowadays there are interesting options of exchange networks and second-hand and low-cost book shops that are a good option for our pocket, for keeping our homes from being cluttered and for the planet. There are sure to be good alternatives close to home.

Happy Sant Jordi!